Speed Up Your MAC – 10X Faster

mackeeper-3Does this sound familiar to you? You’re sitting in front of your Macbook Pro surfing the Internet on Safari or working on a project. All of a sudden, you see the spinning beach ball. One second, two seconds… Finally you start to cry out: “Why is my Mac so slow?”

Though Macs are generally considered to be faster than Windows PCs, it’s not uncommon for your Mac to start acting up with symptoms like: taking forever to bootup, freezing while opening an application, or the mouse cursor becoming unresponsive.

You are not alone! As Apple advocates for a decade, we’ve probably encountered most of the Mac performance issues you may be experiencing. Fortunately we were able to fix them; and today we still use our older Macs daily.

Why Your Mac Is Slow?

1. Running too many apps

2. Old OS

3. Software Problems

4. Old Hardware

The Solution…

Using MacKeeper (FREE) to keep your Mac clean and secure

The software stands out for its all-in-one concept. It actually integrates a collection of handy and useful tools for monitoring overall status of your Mac. The Security Center, for example, helps you identify possible security threats and removes malware.


1 Click Start

To get started, simply run a quick System Status scan to find items that may affect your Mac and fix them. Later move on to the Tools section to perform further optimization.


User Friendly Layout

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Do You Have Any Questions?

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We are just normal loyal Mac fans like you. We don’t claim to be Mac experts, nor have we ever worked for Apple. All the information shared above is merely a walk-through of the knowledge and experience we’ve used to resolve our own Mac performance issues. Due to the complexities of the subject matter, your results may vary.