(Guide) How To Play Movies On PS4 Via USB, Hard Drive

How To Play Movies On PS4

Looking for how to play movies on ps4 ? So here I have written a complete guide for running movies on your PS4 from USB, external hard drives, PC and even tablet. That even without internet.

Many people contact me ask about it. So finally I decided to write a complete guide on it. Here I will show you how to play movies, songs, and other media via USB.

Playback suddenly stopped? Error messages 1, 2, 3 or 4? No sound? None of the different tricks you found on forums, YouTube and other sites have worked?

Why You Are Not Able To Play Movies On PS4 ?

You may think that why my PS4 is not able to play movies and other media like songs etc. So here is my guide on that. Here I have explained why you PS4 not playing movies.

What is Cinavia ?

Cinavia is termed as a protection that will recognize all duplicate, pirated or copied print of a video or an audio. The Cinavia protection device can easily detect the difference between the original and the duplicate video because it is made of amazing technology which can determine the watermark and other CAM quality. This why you are not able to start movies on your PS4.

How does PS4 users Get Affected?

All Play station 4 users had suffered because of the invention of Cinavia as it block the user from viewing videos from their Playstation 4. As everyone cannot buy the original printed game disk every time it is obvious that gamers go crazy behind free stuffs.

Then Any Solution? Here Is – How To Play Movies On PS4

Today I have one cool thing for you. That not only solve your problem but after that you will successfully start watching your favorite movies on your PS4.

This is simple as shit. You don’t need to follow complex guide and any other long tutorial for watching movies. So lets go!

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