[EXCLUSIVE] Freecharge Trick – Create unlimited verified freecharge accounts

Freecharge trick to create unlimited verified Freecharge accounts

All of our users always ask us how to create unlimited verified Freecharge account or is there any trick to create limited verified Freecharge account. So finally we have found one trick online that we are going to share with our users. Using this trick you can create unlimited new Freecharge accounts and use them for many offers of new users like 50 cashback on 50,100 cashback on 100,75 cashback on 75 and more.

Trick to create unlimited verified Freecharge accounts

What will you need to use this Freecharge trick :

  • One unregistered mobile no.
  • Freecharge old app v4.4(download here)
  • Freecharge new app v7.0(download here)
  • And some brain😁😁 and I know you have it.

Here is the trick to create unlimited verified Freecharge accounts :

  1. First of all click here to download Freecharge version 4.4 (old Freecharge app).
  2. Now install this apk and register for new account with your unregistered mobile no. and at email id you can use gmail dot trick if you don’t have new gmail id. It won’t ask you for any verification.
  3. After that install latest Freecharge app v7.0. Click here to download latest Freecharge app.
  4. Now open new Freecharge app downloaded from above link and login to your Freecharge account which you have created at step 2.
  5. Now it’ll ask you to verify your number.
  6. Now the main step is here,Read it carefully. Click on verify my number. It’ll send you otp on your unregistered number. Now at the step of OTP click on change number and replace last two numbers with any two random numbers.
  7. Example : If 8983348308 is your unregistered number then just replace last two numbers i.e. 08 with any two random numbers like 12. So it’ll be like 8983348312.
  8. That’s it now enter the OTP that you received on your unregistered number.
  9. *BANG* Now you got Freecharge fully verified account which you can use for new user offers.
  10. Just follow all the above steps again and again to create unlimited verified Freecharge accounts.


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This trick to create unlimited verified freecharge accounts is only for educational purpose.Thanx to that man who found this trick and she red with our with. We are not responsible for any loss. Use it on your own risk. By the way I used this trick and I got succeed.

Ask your questions by commenting below. We’ll try to solve your problems. And keep visiting OnlineDevta for more tricks and offers.