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Dreams spring up with Lenovo’s VIBE K5 Note. You can embed this cell phone into an ANTVR headset to have an immersive visual ordeal. In case you’re searching for an unflinching rush, you can play a ghastliness diversion with the headset and get the hair-raising feeling you seek.

Buy Lenovo Vibe K5 Note In India – Lowest Price Online!

On the other hand, you could watch fantastical, 360-degree recordings, for example, Dreams of Dali, to jump into otherworldly fanciful planes. The potential outcomes are inestimable as are the substances.

1. Be Immersed With TheatreMax

Escape into a world where the virtual becomes animated with the VIBE K5 which accompanies TheatreMax innovation. Embed this cell phone into an ANTVR headset to zone into motion pictures, live TV and diversions with the end goal that you have a feeling that you’re a part of the story. You can appreciate even the most run of the mill content on a tremendous widescreen. Get a 100-degree slanting field of perspective of recordings for an amazingly sensible visual experience. When you utilize certain VR applications or watch 360 recordings, you’ll have the capacity to detect the virtual universes of movies as you see this present reality; you can gaze upward, down, right, left and back just as you had a place with the virtual environment.

2. ANTVR Headset

You can begin the virtual-reality encounter by embeddings this cell phone into an ANTVR headset.

3. TheatreMax Controller

Basically combine this cell phone with a TheatreMax Controller to control the substance you pick with TheatreMax.

4. Be Absorbed

While the Dolby Atmos framework guarantees exact sound development when you’re listening to tracks, the Wolfson sound codec helps with making sounds rich and refined. This present cell phone’s 3-mic input makes for perfectly clear correspondence amid calls.

5. Be Captivated

Whether it’s day or night, the VIBE K5 Note conforms the pictures it replicates in view of the lighting state of your surroundings. On the off chance that it’s daytime, the screen’s splendor naturally increments. During the evening, the shine diminishes down to a level that is relieving to the eyes. Alter the screen settings to get the perfect level of immersion and warmth. On account of a differentiation proportion of 1000:1, you’ll have the capacity to see faintly lit scenes in striking subtle element.

6. Be Cool

The impeccable reciprocal symmetry of the premium metal body makes this cell phone spell genuine class. The sides of the body are bended, making it agreeable to hold. The unique mark sensor has been ergonomically put behind the telephone, so you and just you will have the capacity to flawlessly open it. It opens in a matter of 0.3 seconds after you’ve swiped your finger on the sensor.

7. Be Empowered

An intense 1.8-GHz, Helio P10 octa center processor (64-bit) and 3 GB of RAM indicate a sans glitch client encounter notwithstanding when you’re running different applications in the meantime. Not just will have the capacity to play amusements with rich representation, you’ll likewise have the capacity to play them for quite a while, on account of an incredible 3500-mAh battery.

8. Be Creative

The 13-MP raise camera is supplemented by Fast Phase Detect Auto-center innovation, so you can catch rich, obscure free pictures notwithstanding when the subject of the photograph is moving around. On account of a 1.4-micrometer sensor, you pictures will be brilliant and clear. Utilize the 8-MP front camera to bring splendid selfies with your companions when you’ll are having a great time of a period singing over karaoke tracks. The 77-degree wide edge of the front camera guarantees that the entire pack can get into the edge.

9. Be Prolific

This telephone accompanies 32 GB of interior memory, so you can store numerous motion pictures, tunes, recreations and applications on it. You can grow the memory by up to 128 GB with a small scale SD card on the off chance that you need to moreover store expansive estimated motion pictures and collections. You can interface perfect outer HDDs and other stockpiling gadgets with the VIBE K5 Note as it backings USB OTG.

10. Android 6.0

On account of the natural Android 6.0 OS, your outer memory can go about as the essential storage room, so you can store an extensive variety of applications. In addition is, it naturally restricts less-utilized applications from exhausting battery life. Thus, it’s an or more with regards to power administration as well.

11. Secure Zone

Enact the Secure Zone include so the K5 Note goes about as two secured virtual telephones. Along these lines, you can run two examples of similar application, from WhatsApp to WeChat. Thusly, you’ll get cross-zone notices. The Data Isolation work protects your own information, picture display and other substance.

12. SmartScene

You can modify the K5 Note contingent upon your calendar and area for a more consistent client encounter.