Bobibanking – 10 Secrete Tips To Protect Your A/C From Hackers!

Hey hallo bobibanking users! Today we are going to tell some really awesome tips and tricks from protecting your a/c. These tips will help you in securing your BOB net banking a/c. You can follow below tips before going to bobibanking login page.

So without wasting your to much time, lets check out Bobibanking tips.

Bobibanking – 10 Secrete Tips To Protect Your A/C From Hackers!

To protect our hard earned money from unauthorized activity, we must need to follow some basic instructions. They not only protect us from getting hacked but also save out money. So lets check out tips and tricks.


1. Login

Always login from official Bobibanking page. Many time people login from similar looking pages and fall in problems. To visit official site, you can click here.

2. Logout

Websites like this have automatic logout in specific time. But to stay in safe side one must logout before leaving from your PC/Laptop. May be withing sort period one can note down user ID. So make sure to logout from Bobibanking.

3. Change Password

Changing your password on regular intervals is always a good habit. You can change your password in every 1 or 2 months. This adds an extra protection layer. So always change your passwords.

4. Setting Password

While setting passwords avoid using simple things. Things like your birth day dates, vehicle no, mobile no, home no, etc. These are the things one can guess easily and no rocket science evolved in it.

Select passwords with combination of capital, small letters plus special characters. For ex-  KhfuAod244$$. This types of password impossible to guess until you note it down on paper below your PC. 😉

5. Avoid Public Places & WIFI

When ever we get a free wifi, we connect to it w/o even thing of security. When you are connected to free public wifi avoid using banking sites like Who knows, may be your data getting observed.

6. Antivirus

Always keep your Antivirus up to date. Don’t login from Laptop or PC that don’t have antivirus installed. Don’t take risk. Play it safe!

7. Install Firewall

Install personal firewall to avoid getting remote access to your PC. Hackers are smarter than you and to protect your valuable money you need to take some extra effort.

8. Check Last Logged

Many sites shows last login date and time. After bobibanking login always check that time. If you find any thing wrong, change your password.

9. Don’t Use Links In E-mail

No matter how professional mail is looking. Don’t click the links given in mails. They will take you to sites looking exactly like official bobibanking. Once you entered login details you get fuc*ed!

10. Bank Never Ask these…

Bank manager or any worker don’t need your login details unless they have to withdraw money from your a/c. So avoid telling these details on phone calls, message, and specially mails.

11. Never Save Passwords

Browsers always ask to save login details. Never click on always remember. Always put all details manually.

So these are are the details that will save your bobibanking a/c. Follow these tips before bob ibanking login and stay safe.