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Hello dear deal lovers and online looters😝

You guys can call me coolhunter2223 (It’s my username on internet).

I’m a 3rd year Electronics engineering student.

How my journey started :

At the start I was very new to online things. I didn’t even know that we can buy or sell things online. But one day my friend ‘ssgang’ ordered one shoes online. That time I get to know that we can buy things online. After that day I also started buying things online with ‘cash on delivery’ option. Because I didn’t have debit card/net banking that time. I still remember I was in 12th when I bought my first online thing that was one ‘book’.📕

After that day I applied for debit card and internet banking in SBI. And then I started buying things online like madly. Slowly slowly I came to know that there are some coupons which can reduce the price of products. I really loved that concept(and still loving it) of coupons. I started finding coupons online and buying things at really cheap value or even for free😋.

My friends started calling me ‘Online Devta’ and ‘Deal wale baba’.Then I started getting orders from my friends. Because of discount coupons I was getting good pocket money. Then one day I read article on digital India. I read that many Indians still don’t know that we can buy things,pay bills,recharge online. After reading that article I decided to post all new deals and offers online. I really loved the concept of digital India and I got very much inspired by that concept. I thought everyone can do online shopping which helps them to save their time,physical power and most importantly ‘money’. And that thinking led to the birth of ‘Online Devta’.🙌

What will you find on ‘Onlinedevta‘ :

I started this site just to share some really good and working deals,offers and tricks. Because ‘sharing is caring’😘.


onlinedevta.com welcomes you🙏.


From today,Now never miss a single deal on internet. Be it a 70% off puma shoes or free recharges or any other loot trick. You’ll find everything here on onlinedevta.😊

Important – I will not post every rubbish deal or offer here. I will only post some worthy deals and working offers. I believe in users satisfaction and quality work. If you don’t wanna miss any such deal then keep checking updates on www.onlinedevta.com.

I will try to keep you updated with all new deals on shopping,discount on recharges, free recharge tricks or free internet tricks and everything that I’ll get online. I’ll also try to solve your problems and will try to do my best.☺

I hope you guys will love my work.😊

For any questions,kindly go to ‘Contact Us..!!!’ Page.

If you guys knows any offer or deal then you can share it with us on our email address – onlinedevta@gmail.com.


Thanks for reading…!!! You are at Online Devta – The world of all online loot deals,offers and tricks !!!🙏


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